FANDOM, Owned my MMD of the GanjaTalk forum. One of the leading distributers of Spice to the USA. Although spice world started as a store just for spice, it has now started shipping 99-0 chillin mix and other blends as well. Unlike spice, 99-0 chillin mix can be shipped to the USA by it's manufacturer (PAH) and other companies.

Even more recently, Spice World has started selling blends exclusive to him however he does not personally make these blends he is simply a vendor and wholesaler. It is more than likely that these blends contain spice, fusion, 99-0 or their secret ingredient. The store has also expanded to include some more blends from HS.

MMD has purchased an advertisement on GanjaTalk, and without him (or another sponsor) the forum would most likely run out of money and shut down.

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