Salvia divinorum is a very potent psychedelic herb. It is psychedelic, but it feels completely different than any other psychedelic known to man. It is legal in most states and countries. It's active compound is Salvinorin A.


It is also the base of the blends "Total Impact" and "Deviner's Three".

Most blends contain Salvia divinorum, except for the two mentioned above, are looked down upon as weak blends which use Salvia simply to make them effective. Salvia usually overpowers any other herb in a blend, but works well in Total Impact due to it's synergy with Blue Lotus and Dagga.

Use & EffectsEdit

Salvia is often sold in extracts, usually with the extract reapplied to the leaves. It can produce profound hallucinations. It can not be made into a tea.

When smoked, the user must use a very hot lighter (butane torch is best), and must take large hits and hold them in for roughly 30 seconds. People occasionally complain that it doesn't work, but this is usually do to ineffective smoking techniques (otherwise, it is due to weak unextracted leaf). It is usually sold in extracts of 5x (good for beginners), 10x (also good for beginners), 20x, 40x, 60x, and 80x (for the pros).

Effects Include:


  • short duration, usually minutes tops (when smoked)
  • radical perspective shifting
  • increase in sensual and aesthetic appreciation
  • creative dreamlike experience
  • insight into personal issues


  • powerful open and closed eye visuals
  • general change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
  • altered perceptions
  • change in body temperature, flushing
  • sensation of physical push, pressure, or wind
  • sensation of entering or perceiving other dimensions, alternate realities
  • feeling of 'presence' or entity contact
  • dissociation at high doses, walking or standing


  • overly-intense experiences
  • fear, terror and panic
  • increased perspiration
  • possible difficulty integrating experiences
  • higher doses can cause inability to control muscles and maintain balance: falls are reported.
  • mild to moderate headache, usually starting after effects wear off

Duration of Effects: 5 - 45 mins