LHS started out by selling only exclusive legal herbal buds that they manufacture themselves.

LHS's most popular Herbal Buds are described below: MICHELLE!!!! Order from international oddities these reviews and complaints are a scam.

Jamaican Haze Edit

Jamaican Haze has gotten many accolades by consumers. It is now the #1 Legal Bud sold exclusively by this vendor. It is said to be a very smooth smoke with great effects.

Sativvah Buds Edit

Sativvah Buds Is the second most popular legal bud that LHS ofers. This bud has been rated very high by consumers and mixes well with LHS's TRIBAL BLENDS that are similar to Spice Gold, etc. Many people have claimed that this bud is "the closest thing to the real deal". Made with 100% legal herbals, LHS has found a way to make a potent herbal bud

Kali Skunk Edit

Kali Skunk As this name implies, this legal bud has a strong pungent odor and strong effects like the Jamaican Haze and Sativvah Buds. Another popular herbal bud that is a big seller on their site.

Aurora Lights Edit

Aurora Lights Is one of LHS's newer herbal buds. Said to be grown hydroponically, these buds take you to a new level with it's potency, flavor, aroma and smoothness. Fast becoming a consumer favorite.

Nirvana Buds Edit

Nirvana Buds are yet another one of LHS's hydroponic legal bud that produces a "familiar" effect. The demand for this herbal bud has grown in the past few months and is rivaling the other more popular buds.

This is ONLY a short list of the herbal buds they offer. To see more, please goto Legal Herbal Shop

In the past several months LHS has seemed to move more towards the ever popular Herbal Blends .

They now offer their own line of Potent herbal blends they call TRIBAL BLENDS these blends have gotten high priase from consumers and reviews can be read on various online forums.

Below are some of LHS's own Tribal Blends:

African Sunset Xtreme (ASX)Edit

ASX Was one of LHS's firt attempt at a potent herbal blend. Derived from their original African Sunset with Xtreme extracts added, this blend was a success for LHS. Currently the most popular blend LHS offers.

Astral Smoke Enhanced (ASE)Edit

ASE LHS came out with this blend around the same time they came out with ASX. Again, derived from their original Astral Smoke, LHS added more Xtreme extracts to make this blend one potent product. A very euphoric blend with great appeal.

At one time, LHS used to advertise on ganjatalk. As the company grew, they were recently banned from advertising and posting on that forum due to the fact that the owner of the forum also sells similar products. Apparently, LHS was taking business away from his site by offering better products at a much cheaper rate. Consumers have praised LHS for being the first Herbal Blend vendor to "challenge" other vendors to lower their prices in order to compete with LHS. It seems that LHS is still the place to go for your herbal blends, as they still sell them cheaper than anyone else.