Herb Hut is the sister site of GanjaTalk. It is owned by daherbman, and could be considered a version Herbal-Smoke exclusively for GanjaTalk members.

Herb Hut
The Herb Guy
Sister Site Herbal-Smoke
Status GanjaTalk members only
Primary products Fusion
Total Impact
Herbal Woah!
Established 2006
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Herb Hut vs Herbal Smoke Edit

Although Herb Hut may not have all the products that Herbal Smoke does, it has their best herbal smoking mixtures such as Dank, Total Impact, Cloud9, Herbal Woah and Nitro. It also has Aztec Gold although it is labeled by it's official plant name on the website.

Most importantly, the prices are cut down significantly.

Herb Hut also has more of an emphasis on the plants, rather than smoking blends and cannabis alternative "buds". There is a small eclectic selection of herbal blends from Herbal-Smoke.

Products Edit

To read about the products listed on Herb-Hut visit the Herbal-Smoke page.